Articy, XML, and LINQ, oh my!

I’m really excited about using Articy Draft for my next project. The biggest issue with it for me is the tool chain. For sure you can buy Articy Access but unless they’ve changed it, it’s about 1700 Euros per project. and it requires the server version of Articy Draft which is way more pricey than… Read More »

Version 2.2 submitted to App Store

I was able to personally observe hundreds of people use Numberheads during the Casual Connect conference last week. I was surprised to find that about 25% of people didn’t recognize the cartoony numbers used in the game as numbers!  This was unexpected and needed to be dealt with. I spent a long weekend adding a… Read More »

Unity Shader Tutorials

Just got an email from Prime31 – maker of excellent native plugins for iOS and Android. Prime21 mentioned that they have a list of 5 tutorials on Shader programming. They were posted to YouTube a few months ago, but it’s probably of interest to the Unity3D community. You can check them out HERE

Review of Elgato Game Capture HD

One of the things an iOS developer needs to do is to capture screen shots for iTunes connect. Another is to create a gameplay video. They’re both annoying tasks. Screen shots from an iPhone or iPad mean that you have to be able to play your game and also be able to press the front… Read More »

Game Video

Just sent a new, improved Numberheads Version 2.1 to the App Store (waiting for approval). Here’s a roughly 9 minute game play video [youtube] Available on the App Store:

Back in the Saddle Again

No posts since May 6!  Chalk it up to literally not being able to use my right arm as it more-or-less locked up. Imagine it hurting to put your right arm in the position needed to use your mouse (actually, a trackball for me) and likewise keyboarding was impossibly painful.  Try rolling over to the… Read More »

Play Numberheads for Ten Minutes

A gameplay video is really a lousy way to demonstrate a game like Numberheads. But if you check out this page you can play it for free. For ten minutes, anyway.

Circular Gravity: Asset Store

Every once in a while when surfing the Unity asset store you come on something that inspires you with an idea. Just a few minutes ago I opened Unity and the Asset Store popped up and I spied something called “Circular Gravity Force.”   My first reaction was WTF is that? That sounds stupid! But… Read More »

Modelling inside Unity3D

You’d expect that any 3D models that you’d use in a  Unity app would have been created in an external 3D modelling program like Maya or Blender. But there are a few Unity plug-ins that let you model right in the editor. I have purchased two of them: GameDraw from MixedDimensions and ProBuilder from SixBySevenStudio.… Read More »

Unity3D Tech Tales, Part 3

Part 3: “Smaller amounts of DRAM on the older devices” Smaller amounts of DRAM on the older devices: well sure! Memory warnings will kill-off your app as quickly as an uninitialized pointer. Well maybe not – you do get a warning. But in a game there’s not a lot you can do aside from maybe… Read More »